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Non-Alcoholic Options For Those Observing “Dry January”

Posted on January 8, 2020

Cincinnati Distillery Offers Non-Alcoholic Options for "Dry January"

Staying “dry” this January? It’s not an uncommon way to start the New Year, and in 2020, passing on an alcoholic drink at dinner or while out with friends is a popular way for many to hone in on fitness goals and resolutions. That’s why Karrikin Spirits company, a Cincinnati distillery offers non-alcoholic options this month, and year round.

But forgoing booze doesn’t have to mean avoiding a casual night out for music or dinner with your partner on a Friday night!

In addition to an impressive portfolio of grain to glass craft spirits and sparkling spirits, Karrikin Spirits Company offers house-made non-alcoholic sodas derived from real fruit juice called “Sprouts”, as well as thoughtful and flavorful mocktails — the sober relative of its impressive cocktail program.


If craft soda is your thing, explore options like Karrikin’s Keylime, Cola, and Hoptonic sodas. If the names seem familiar, it’s because Karrikin’s line of sparkling spirits share the same names. The Sprout versions are just as flavorful, but without the spirits. Expect more flavors to “pop” up on draft at the distillery located in Fairfax throughout 2020.


Perhaps your palate is looking for something a bit more complex? Don’t turn your nose up at Karrikin’s fresh and flavorful mocktails. You can even test the waters with a non-alcoholic Moscow Mule featuring ginger, lemongrass, and szechuan peppercorn!

Another creation from Karrikin beverage director Chris Brownchurch is the Purple People Eater, a limeade that rivals your favorite purple dinosaur in hue.

For a more mild flavor, you might try the Blood Orange Shrub, a fan favorite any time of year.

Interested in learning more about Karrikin Spirits Company’s beverage program? Be sure to check out its menu of drinks — both alcoholic and non-alcoholic here.

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