Grain to Glass: a Distillery With Purpose

More than a slogan you see on your menu, Karrikin Spirits Company prides itself in a grain to glass experience for our customers. That means our spirits begin with grains sourced locally and milled onsite at our Fairfax distillery. Each part of the process begins here in Ohio’s largest pot still and ends in your glass with handcrafted spirits, sparkling spirits, and craft beer.

Our portfolio of craft spirits includes new flavors, as well as unique spins on old favorites that act as the base for everything we do, including our sparkling spirits.

So, What’s a Sparkling Spirit? We’re Glad You Asked!

Karrikin Spirits Company is shaking up the food and beverage industry with an alcoholic beverage category of its own. With our spirits, crafted right here at the distillery as a foundation, we pair handmade sodas from fresh, natural ingredients — and the perfect amount of carbonation — to offer a low calorie, full-flavor drink that’ll leave you refreshed and ready for more. It’s not a hard seltzer, and it’s not a malt beverage. With the mouthfeel of a soda and the flavor of your favorite cocktail, our sparkling spirits have an alcohol content comparable to a beer but won’t leave you feeling full. Have two, three, or a whole six-pack at your next gathering!

You can view our entire portfolio of spirits and sparkling spirits here.

Come for the Spirits; Stay for the Dinner

Thinking of sticking around for dinner? Make a reservation in our casually designed dining room or kitchen bar for a front row seat to our wood-fired kitchen and watch our chefs hard at work as they handcraft your food from scratch.

Do you desire the flexibility of a social setting where you can sink into a soft couch or arm chair? Find a spot in our lounge full of eclectic, mid-century modern furniture where you can laugh with friends and family and still enjoy a full-service experience with our scenic distillery just a room away.

Our dinner seatings fill up fast, so don’t hesitate to make your reservations now!