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Karrikin Begins Sanitizer Production

Posted on March 18, 2020
Karrikin to begin hand sanitizer production

Karrikin Spirits Company Begins Hand Sanitizer Production

Of the products flying off shelves during this season of COVID-19 uncertainty, fewer have been more polarizing than hand sanitizer. While Karrikin Spirits Company can’t replace your toilet paper roll (any have a square to spare?), our facilities are primed to produce alcohol. That’s why you’re beginning to see the headline, “Karrikin Begins Sanitizer Production” on your local outlets.

Why Hand Sanitizer?

With restaurants and bars across the state – and now country – shutting their doors to everything but carry out service, it’s important to us that our staff has everything they need during a time where we find ourselves unemployed. Hand sanitizer is now an essential item in our homes and businesses and will continue to be in the post-COVID-19 world.

With this in mind, and a noticeable need for it in our communities, Karrikin’s master distillers will get to work producing sanitizer based on ingredients and recommendations from the World Health Organization.

Who This Is Helping

When you purchase a 4 oz. bottle of Karrikin’s Cincinnati made hand sanitizer, firstly, you help yourself. Produced slightly above the recommended alcohol percentage, it’s giving you another weapon against fighting viruses and bacteria.

Second, you’re supporting a local business in a tangible way. Karrikin Spirits Company is depending on you to find our spirits, sparkling spirits, and craft beer in retail locations that are remaining open through this. But if you stop by for a bottle of hand sanitizer, you’re directly supporting the servers, bartenders, foodrunners, hosts you’ve gotten to know in our time open in Fairfax.

100% of proceeds from the sales of hand sanitizer is being used to support this staff that is so vital to our success as a business.

We Need Your Help

We can’t do this without you. Plain and simple, we’re all depending on one another in these uncertain times. Look for an announcement soon on our Facebook and Instagram pages for how and where you can purchase a $3 bottle of Cincinnati. Home. Made. hand sanitizer.

Additionally, you’re welcome to bring your own container and purchase sanitizer by the ounce.

We love and appreciate you,

Your Karrikin Spirits Co. Family

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