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Karrikin Blaze Agave Recipes

Posted on May 3, 2021
Blaze agave spirit

Karrikin Shares Blaze Agave Recipes For Cinco de Mayo

Karrikin continues to grow its reputation as premier distillery in Ohio! This time, we’ve partnered with Canton’s Royal Docks Brewing Company for a special Cinco de Mayo pop-up. We’re also sharing a load of collaborative Karrikin + Royal Docks Blaze agave recipes!

These will be sure to take your margarita to the next level!

About Blaze Agave Spirit

Agave is synonymous tequila. Tequila is synonymous with Mexico. But did you know that tequila and other agave based spirits are one of the fastest growing spirit categories in… America (as well as the rest of the world.)?

That’s why, when Karrikin Spirits opened in December of 2018, it’s Blaze agave spirits was one of the first to hit bottles, and one of the biggest hits in the tasting room as well. Created with 100% blue weber agave nectar that’s been imported from Jalisco (the only place where tequila can be made), Karrikin’s Blaze agave spirit is fermented and distilled in Cincinnati.

Drinking Blaze is reminiscent of drinking tequila, but also gives way to more unique characteristics. With notes of pepper and vanilla, Blaze offers a unique experience into the complexity of the agave plant. As cliche as it sounds, Blaze is smooth and often referred to as an “easy drinker”.

It plays well in margaritas, palomas, and really anywhere else you’d use tequila.


Royal Docks Brewing Company + Blaze

Wednesday, May 5th, more commonly referred to as Cinco de Mayo, Karrikin and Royal Docks Brewing Company are joining forces to educate Northeastern Ohio about Blaze with a myriad of cocktails from the creative and talented minds of Royal Docks.

Margarita flights, canned cocktails, and a paired taco menu are all on the docket for Cinco de Mayo.

Blaze Margarita & Cocktail Recipes

The folks at Royal Docks have been so kind as to sharing their recipes so you can make your very own Blaze margs and more at home:


 Blackberry Margarita 

  1. 1oz Blaze 
  2. .5oz Blackberry Simple Syrup 
  3. .5oz Lime Juice 
  4. Salt Rim 
  5. Lime Garnish

Fire and Ice Margarita 

  1. 1oz Blaze 
  2. .5 Agave Nectar 
  3. .5 Lime 
  4. Malbec Float

Traditional Margarita 

  1. 1oz Blaze 
  2. .5 Agave Nectar 
  3. .5 Lime Juice 
  4. Salt Rim 
  5. Lime Garnish

Pineapple and Tajin Margarita 

  1. 1oz Blaze 
  2. .5 Agave Nectar 
  3. .5 Pineapple 
  4. Pinch of turmeric 
  5. Tajin Rim

About Karrikin Spirits Company & Our Products

You can find Blaze and other Karrikin products at state liquor agencies and some retail locations around Northeast Ohio. For more information on what Karrikin makes, click here.

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