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Karrikin Cans Poco Loco

Posted on April 7, 2021
Karrikin Cans Poco Loco

Karrikin Cans "Poco Loco" Seasonal Sparkling Spirit

Paying homage to a long time taproom cocktail menu staple, Karrikin Spirits Company is taking inspiration from a best-selling cocktail and turning it into a sparkling spirit as it cans Poco Loco.

The Un Poco Loco has lived on Karrikin’s cocktail menu since its early days of service back in December of 2018. Now a sparkling spirit that tips its hat to the cult favorite cocktail is available to the public starting this week.

What is Poco Loco?

With just a touch of sweet heat, Poco Loco promises to tickle your taste buds and spice up your life… in a pleasant way. Blending Karrikin’s Blaze agave spirit with real juice made from strawberries and jalapeno, Poco Loco will remind you of a lighter version of a spicy strawberry margarita.

Sweetness up front, with the slightest note of jalapeno flavor, as Karrikin cans Poco Loco, it aims to add a little flavor to your spring and comes in at 4.75% ABV. Like all of Karrikin’s spirits and sparkling spirits, Poco Loco is a certified gluten free product.

How to find Poco Loco and other Karrikin products

As of early 2021, Karrikin Spirits Company is distributed locally through Ohio Valley (Cincinnati), Heidelberg (Kentucky), Beverage Distributors (Cleveland), and 17th Star (Columbus). Find Poco Loco along with Karrikin’s line of sparkling spirits and craft beers at area retail stores, gas stations, state liquor agencies, as well as bars and restaurants.

You can find Poco Loco on draft now at Findlay Market’s newly reopened bar, Jane’s! And don’t forget, you can always stay up to date on the latest releases and other news coming from Karrikin Spirits Company by checking clicking on the “News” tab on the home page!

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