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Karrikin Launches Bourbon Lemonade

Posted on February 24, 2022
Bourbon Wheel

Karrikin launches Bourbon Lemonade

What do you do when life gives you lemons? For Karrikin Spirits Company, the answer to that classic question has taken nearly a year of planning, but the answer has turned out simple as Karrikin launches Bourbon Lemonade.

When life gives you lemons… add bourbon.

Just in time for the turn of spring, Karrikin is combining those two ingredients to make a delicious canned cocktail, Bourbon Wheel. Blending lemonade from real fruit juice with America’s (and certainly the Midwests’) favorite spirit yields a tasteful balance of bursting citrus flavors with a comfortable hug from locally distilled bourbon.

About Bourbon Wheel

Crafted with real cane sugar, real lemon juice, and locally distilled bourbon, Bourbon Wheel is 7.5% ABV and is a gluten free product.

The production of Karrikin’s latest RTD (ready-to-drink) can comes on the heels of its first barrel aged spirits to hit the market.

“As we came closer and closer to releasing our bourbon, a lot of our friends and fans were responding well to the flavors we were experiencing,” says Jeff Hunt, Karrikin Co-Founder. “But one friend in particular reminisced about these crushable, whiskey lemonade drinks they’d had on the east coast while visiting friends.”

Where to find Bourbon Wheel

Bourbon Wheel combines midwest bourbon culture and great times with friends and family and will reach retail shelves beginning the week of March 7th.

For more information on Karrikin and where you can find Bourbon Wheel and other Karrikin products, click here.

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