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Karrikin Releases Seasonal IPA

Posted on February 26, 2021
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Karrikin Releases Seasonal IPA

Adding to an already busy 2021, Karrikin releases a seasonal IPA using Amarillo hops.

A second seasonal beer will join the lineup from Karrikin Spirits Company this spring with the launch of a second canned IPA. Amarillo By Morning is set to hit cans and kegs in early March, joining fellow seasonal Dark Lager, and year round cans Pils and Citra IPA.


Amarillo By Morning

If you find yourself humming along to a familiar tune, cold can in hand, looking back on this week’s (mid-February at the time of writing) deluge of snowfall, chances are you’re sipping on Karrikin’s newest seasonal, Amarillo By Morning.

With a slight country western meets Ohio craft beer influence, Karrikin’s newest IPA features — you guessed it — Amarillo hops. Slightly bitter and pleasantly aromatic, drinking Amarillo By Morning is a lot like giving a bouquet to a bull rider. Make no mistake, while floral and citrusy, this IPA comes in at 6.5% ABV and is sure to last you a little longer than eight seconds.

About the label

Our canned beer program at Karrikin takes a nostalgic look into classic beer label design. Amarillo By Morning was no exception. “We used a southwest color palette and an earth toned desert visual backdrop to bring the mood of the can to life,” said John Pattison, a founding partner and Creative Director at Karrikin Spirits Company. “Vintage font styles helped define the feel for the 70’s Texas culture.”

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How to find Amarillo By Morning and other Karrikin products

As of early 2021, Karrikin Spirits Company is distributed locally through Ohio Valley (Cincinnati), Heidelberg (Kentucky), Beverage Distributors (Cleveland), and 17th Star (Columbus). Find Amarillo By Morning along with Karrikin’s line of sparkling spirits and craft beers at area retail stores, gas stations, state liquor agencies, as well as bars and restaurants. For more information, follow Karrikin on Facebook here.

Karrikin Spirits Company is located at 3717 Jonlen Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45227.

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