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Karrikin Responds To Coronavirus

Posted on March 13, 2020
Karrikin Spirits Company

Karrikin Responds To Coronavirus

As a company, we always pride ourselves in creating a sanitary and safe environment for guests and staff. As a manufacturer and distributor of spirits, sparkling spirits, and craft beer, Karrikin’s use of industrial strength cleaners and sanitizers isn’t just a choice, but a standard.

As Karrikin responds to coronavirus, we currently will remain open for business and will continue to monitor the situation. That means taking direction from our public officials, and attentively listening to the advice of health and public safety professionals.

Taking Safety and Sanitary Measures

Much like you, we’re a bit nervous about what’s going on and how it’ll affect us. Your support through these difficult times means everything to us. That’s only one reason we’re continuing our sanitary practices, while adding new measures like these:

  •  Gloves will be worn at all times by those delivering food to your table
  • Single use sanitation will be used in between seatings for all tables and chairs
  • Rather than our typical cloth napkins, we’ll be incorporating single use paper napkins
  • Laminated menus will be sanitized between each use
  • Drinks will not be garnished to reduce contact with servers and bartenders
  • Staff will be continually educated on safe sanitation practices
  • There will be no lounge seating
Additionally, while we still welcome your large parties, we’ll be discontinuing our tours and tastings of the production area to limit unnecessary exposure to our distilling and brewing equipment.n

What You Can Do

In addition to the measures we’re taking to ensure a safe and sanitary eating and drinking experience at Karrikin, there are things we hope our guests will do as well:

  • Feeling a little unwell? Please, stay at home! If you’re feeling great, come see us!
  • Wash your hands every chance you have
  • Place carryout orders over the phone and online
  • Support us by finding your favorite spirits, sparkling spirits, and craft beers at area retailers
  • Please be patient! Our staff is doing its best to accomodate your desires during what is a tough time for everyone. If service is slower, it’s due to the extra safety and sanitary measures!
Be sure to check these tips from the CDC on staying sanitary and clean right now! From all of us at Karrikin Spirits Company, we love and appreciate you and look forward to seeing you soon.

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