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Sparkling Spirits Head North as Karrikin Expands Distribution to Columbus and Cleveland Markets

Posted on January 22, 2020
Karrikin Spirits Co

Sparkling Spirits Head North

It seems Karrikin Spirits Company’s cans are sprouting wheels as the Cincinnati based craft distillery and its sparkling spirits head north for the Columbus and Cleveland markets. Opening in December of 2018, Karrikin launched its line of canned sparkling spirits during the Spring of 2019. They consist of craft-distilled spirits infused into sodas, made in-house with real fruit juice. Karrikin expects fan-favorites like Blueberry with Base vodka, Keylime with Blaze agave spirit, and Punch with Shuga rum to hit bars, stores, and shelves in both markets in early March.

What Are Sparkling Spirits?

What exactly is a sparkling spirit? We’re glad you asked! For our friends in Columbus who indulged in our cans at beer fest, that question was answered. But for our neighbors in Cleveland who’ll be encountering sparkling spirits for the first time at Cleveland Winter Beerfest, here’s a crash course!

Karrikin Spirits Company is shaking up the food and beverage industry with an alcoholic beverage category of its own. With our spirits, crafted right here at the distillery as a foundation, we pair handmade sodas from fresh, natural ingredients — and the perfect amount of carbonation — to offer a low calorie, full-flavor drink that’ll leave you refreshed and ready for more. It’s not a hard seltzer, and it’s not a malt beverage. With the mouthfeel of a soda and the flavor of your favorite cocktail, our sparkling spirits have an alcohol content comparable to a beer but won’t leave you feeling full. Have two, three, or a whole six-pack at your next gathering!

You can view our entire portfolio of spirits and sparkling spirits here.

A Grain to Glass Experience

With so many craft experiences popping up around the great state of Ohio, it’s important to understand what sets Karrikin apart. It starts with the grain. At our Ohio distillery, our process begins in the mill where locally sourced grain is milled — then brewed — before it ever enters Ohio’s largest copper pot still.

While this isn’t an industry standard, there was no question how Karrikin’s owners and master distillers were going to produce real Ohio spirits.

This reflects in the flavors of Karrikin’s bottled spirits and canned sparkling spirits.

How We're Making It Happen!

After weeks of meeting and planning, Karrikin Spirits Company found a great match with Cleveland area Beverage Distributors, Inc. BDI and its Columbus company, 17th Star Distributing will be champions for the Karrikin Spirits Company brand, helping to spread our thoughtfully made product throughout Cleveland and Columbus. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with these companies who mirror Karrikin’s values and goals in the craft beverage world!

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