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Karrikin Celebrates Two Years

Posted on December 7, 2020
Karrikin Celebrates Two Years

In the midst of a pandemic, Karrikin celebrates two years

Sometimes, (especially in the midst of a pandemic) life and the milestones that come along with it sneak up on you. We, at Karrikin, recently realized something noteworthy was coming up, and wanted to make sure we extended the invite to you. As Karrikin celebrates two years of business in Cincinnati, we want to say, “thank you”!

We all know 2020 hasn’t been the year we’d hoped. Yet, we find ourselves being more thankful than ever! So, in the spirit of thankfulness, we’re going to list a few of the things we’re especially thankful for right now!

We're thankful for growth...

Yes, even though things seem rough at times, Karrikin is still finding ways to grow! You might remember our launches in Cleveland, Columbus, and Dayton in late 2019 and early 2020. Sure, they’ve come with challenges (thanks, COVID-19), but simply being able to send products into other markets has been amazing!

And don’t think that we’re stopping with Ohio and Northern Kentucky! Stay tuned for some big news about some products heading a bit further east…

Growth also came in the form of canning our beer this year! You’ve been guzzling Pils and Citra IPA like crazy in 2020 and we can’t thank you enough for supporting our beer program, including our first seasonal beer, Dark Lager! Look for more seasonal releases for our beer and sparkling spirits in 2021 and beyond!

We're thankful for some tasty food...

This year was also a large one for our culinary branch, The Hearth at Karrikin! In his first full year as executive chef, Chris Davis has done amazing things with our menu and gotten us involved in some great events!

With locally sourced ingredients, seasonal menu updates, and delicious specials, The Hearth continues to grow as a brand and a kitchen! We’re so thankful for all of the wonderful guests who’ve come in from the early days of just having the patio open in the spring. It’s been challenging to create a comfortable, safe, and entertaining dining experience with the pandemic, but we feel strongly that our policies have been successful!

Be sure to grab your tickets for our first ticketed Holiday Brunch, this Sunday, December 13th!

We're thankful for hand sanitizer...

As trivial as it may seem, we’re thankful we were able to pivot production in the early days of the pandemic and start creating hand sanitizer. The long hours and days were all worth it because we were able to support this wonderful community we live in, while also supporting ourselves through some of the most difficult days many of us have ever experienced.

We do still have hand sanitizer available for purchase for those interested. We’ll even bring it to you, if you’d like!

In conclusion... "Thank You" and let's celebrate!

We could keep going on with this post, but to sum it all up, “Thank You!” From all of us here at Karrikin, we’d like to say that we truly wouldn’t still be here without your support. To our guests, we wouldn’t be where we are without you.

And also to our staff, both current and former, thanks for your dedication and hard work. There’s no blueprint for how to operate a business through a pandemic, but we’re doing our best and we know you are as well. Here’s to hoping our third year is a little smoother, but just as flavorful.

Karrikin Spirits Company would love it if you joined us in celebrating a Two Year Revelry! Check out the Facebook event for a week’s worth of events, specials, and fun!

Cheer and Happy Holidays from all of us at Karrikin Spirits Company!

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